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Born on March 23rd, just outside Brasov, in Transylvania, Romania, Elena grew up in one of the most 

picturesque places in the world, in the midst of the Carpathian Mountains. At the age of six, her family 

moved to Constanta where she enjoyed the beauty of the Black Sea.

She studied acting with renown actress Ileana Ploscaru and singing with composer 

Camelia Dascalescu in Bucharest.


Elena immigrated to the UK and for a short while lived in Warwick, a stone’s throw away from 

Stratford-upon-Avon. While learning the English language, Elena discovered Shakespeare; spending 

her weekends at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and attending every play numerous times.


“My love for theatre got reinforced, seeing the best British actors in the best Shakespeare



She was admitted to The Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London on a full

scholarship. While in her last term there, she wrote to actor Peter Sellers, asking him to photograph her. 

Two days later, she found  herself face to face with the legendary actor and a friendship unfolded.


Elena recently completed the role of Ioana, in the feature film, Sounds of Silence, directed by Elizabeth 

Blake Thomas. She has worked in film, theatre and television in the UK and on location in Greece, the South of

France, Slovenia and Russia. Two of her favorite roles remain Antigone and Sophie Oresanu in Fortunes of War,

with its stellar cast, headed by Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh.


Always a gypsy at heart, she travelled to California, where she soon met and married film editor, 

David Martell. They have two children, Alexander and Salena.


Shortly after  the implementation of perestroika, Elena relished working in Moscow and Uzbekistan 

when cast in Lost in Siberia, alongside Anthony Andrews.


Back in California, she saw a dream come true, when her mother was able to move to the US.

While her mother fell ill, Elena rediscovered poetry and photography with the birth of Poems by

the Sea, a collection of new and old poems honoring the seas and oceans she has seen.

Her CD, Poems, Songs and the Sea, is available now, with a percentage of the profits donated to

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